Childrens’ Profile Videos

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Profile Videos to Support Permanent or Adoption Placements

We have produced more than 350 short profile videos for children needing fostering and adoption placements. we have worked with many local authorities and agencies including:

  • Durham County Council
  • Bradford City Council
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Adoption Matters
  • Fosterplus

Videos are being used more and more to help potential families ande children in care sitiuations. Seeing a child in their current surroundings, playimg and interacting with their guardians really brings a child to life and their character and personality shines out. Our videos also include comments from the foster parents as the voice-over to the video – describing the child’s cahracter and development – a valuable and personal insight for prospective familes.

Our videos have an opening and closing soundtrack that reflects the personality of the child and include professional photographs taken at the same time as our visit. These photographs are then used in any printed material too as well as any family finding and adoption exchange events.

Our visit usually last half a day – sometimes longer if it’s a sibling group. We work hard to make our time with the child and carers as unobtrusive as possible and it’s the children that set the pace. we are very aware and sensitive of the impqact and experience of our visit – we work hard to put everyone at ease, especisally the children.

The way we go about making our childrens' short profile videos

We tend to interview the carer or guardian first (on their own) so that we can then aim to film the same activities and personality points of the child that the carer has spoken about. We can provide the core of the questions we ask for the carer to see before hand so that they feel prepared but ask the carers not to read what they want say.

We then film the child/children doing as many of the things that they naturally do – such things as reading with their carer, playing on their own, interacting with their carer, showing school certificates or work and telling is about their favourite toys and activites. We like to film the child inside and outside too.

We will contact the carer beforehand and make sure they’re as prepared as possible and look to make the most of our time with them. We also take the time during our filming visit to run through everything before we do and filming or interviewing.

The videos are particularly useful for children who are finding hard to find a placement and can be used at family evemts and adoption exchanges.

Why use Holliday Creative Marketing to produce your childrens’ profile video?

Our costs are affordable

We have amde more than 350 short profile videos

We have worked with many local authorities and agencies

18 years experience in supporting fostering and adoption services

We are sensitive, reliable, friendly and professional in evrything we do

We put everyone involved at ease – making it fun and safe for children

The videos we produced for Durham CC were singled out in a recent Offsted inspection and highly praised

Our videos clearly reflect the chilrens’ personality and character

BAAF / Be My Parent – “video clips helped significantly increase the number of enquiries the children recived”

Adopter – “You can look beyond any issues and see the real child”

Adopter – “I watched her video 1,000 times before she came to us”


We would like this service to be as widely available as possible so that more children can improve their chances of finding a permanent placment and ‘forever’ family. With this aim in mind, we have proced our videos very competitively so they affordable to all local authorities and agencies.

Prices can vary as we are often asked to film more than one video and a variety of single children andf sibling group videos. In these instances we can put together a package cost based on the number of videos you want us to produce, the number of single children and sibling groups and whether some sibling groups are being place together or split up.

Please contact us to discuss what you need.

01829 720 780

Additional Information

  1. We can visit one or two locations – Monday to Friday
  2. Each location could have one child or a sibling group
  3. We can film any combination of single children and sibling groups – with the groups either being placed together or split up
  4. We need a minimum of 10 working days fropm the filming visit to providing the finsihed video
  5. We can film at weekends, during school term-time if the children normally attend school
  6. Each video is up to 5 minutes long for a single child and up to 7 minutes long for a sibling group
  7. We can carry out one set of your amendments before producing the final videos
  8. We supply the videos in any format (usualy for PCs) or on a DVD disc for computers or DVD players. We can also produce the video in Mac format
  9. The professipnal photographs we take can be sent to you