Carer recruitment and preparation training videos

Real life stories are the most compelling to people thinking about fostering. This is why videos of foster carers talking about their experiences are so effective in encouraging people to consider fostering as a career. We specialse in producing these ‘vox pop’ style videos and we are skilled at putting people at ease and asking them to tell us about their experiences of fostering and adoption.

The results are informative, moving and inspiring.

Here is an extract from a recruitment video produced for the City of Bradford Council.

Foster Carer Information Video

Social work training videos

Video are increasingly being used in training, enhancing courses with engaging and accessible content. We were commissioned to produce a training video for social workers to be shown as part of a 3-day training programme organised by Bradford Metropolitan Borough Council. The aim of the video was to give an insight into the adoption panel and how individual panel members brought their own experience and expertise of adoption to the adoption panel process.

We filmed a panel in progress (staged with actual panel members), and conducted interviews of each panel member talking about their viewpoint in the process. The training was a great success.

Adoption Panel Video